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This is the way // Beskar Steel Ball Marker


Follow the NBM creed this May 4th and add this limited-edition Beskar steel ball marker to your setup.


Forged in the furnaces of the outer rim, smuggled across the galaxy and laser-engraved in the NBM workshop, these markers will hold up against blaster fire, repel lightsabers and withstand three-putts better than any others in the new Republic. 


Each marker bears the unique markings of Beskar steel along with the words every foundling learns and carries with them. They also each bear a unique number on the side – see the images above for more details.


This is a limited release and once sold out, they will never be made again. The markers are made from 303 stainless steel*, measure 30mm in diameter and are 4mm thick.


*While we'd love to have used Beskar for these markers, we couldn't make contact with the right intergalactic smuggler in time for this year's release

This is the way // Beskar Steel Ball Marker

  • Copper/brass will tarnish/patina over time and after use. Colours will change and appear over time giving the metal even more character. Ball markers can be polished using a cloth and a jewellery cleaner or Brasso.


    We use the highest quality metals to create our products. We do our best to ensure that all materials use are pure and free from scratches or dents but brass and copper are soft metals so this isn't always possible.

  • We offer FREE postage on this item to Mainland UK


    Postage is £3.99 on all other products and accessories to Mainland UK


    International postage is £12.95 (Worldwide).


    Orders are dispatched within 3 working days. Custom orders take 14-28 days to be produced and delivered. Please get in contact if you require an urgent order of for more information.

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