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Northern Ball Markers

About us

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, Northern Ball Markers creates custom golf accessories for all golfers. Each piece is uniquely crafted to meet your request.


Northern Ball Markers was established through a combination of a love of golf and an appreciation of unique custom-made golf accessories.


Original design > Material preparation > Laser'd > Polished > Hand finished

Ball Markers

Made to Order

Our products are made to order from high quality metal

Divot Tools

Laser'd to perfection

Each item we produce is unique and finished the highest standard

Bag Tags


Each item can be fully customised to your request.

Why Choose us?

We laser high grade brass and C101 copper to craft your unique custom golf accessories.

Individual personalized golf accessories are an ideal birthday gift for any golfer, anniversary gift, for a special occasion, for a special event, adding to your collection or simply for treating yourself.


Batches of custom ball markers, divot tools or bag tags can be created for societies, stag dos, golf days, tournaments or competitions. Get in contact for batch prices – it will work out cheaper then you think!



BRASS - We use the highest quality 3-4mm thick brass that is fabricated/cut to spec in the UK. Brass is more golden in colour than copper, but it is a softer metal to work.

COPPER - We use high grade C101 Copper for our ball markers. Copper gains character with age; it changes colour and patinas over time, developing a rich worn look. Some people like this, others do not. You can make your copper ball marker all shiny and like new again, by using some Brasso or similar products.

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