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NBM 2023 // Bronze Ball Marker


Well done on finding the QR code to bring you to this page. This is the first set of bronze ball markers I have ever engraved - it's a new metal to me. Although it looks similar to copper it ages different and it feels denser and smoother to touch. These markers feature a new NBM logo that I'm going to be introducing in 2023 so you are one of the first and only people to see this.


These markers are a limited to just 10 so once they are sold out they are gone forever. Each piece is made from high quality bronze (PB102) and engraved as per the photographs with unique numbers on the back. These measure 32mm and are 3mm thick.

NBM 2023 // Bronze Ball Marker

  • Copper/brass will tarnish/patina over time and after use. Colours will change and appear over time giving the metal even more character. Ball markers can be polished using a cloth and a jewellery cleaner or Brasso.


    We use the highest quality metals to create our products. We do our best to ensure that all materials use are pure and free from scratches or dents but brass and copper are soft metals so this isn't always possible.

  • We offer FREE postage on this item to Mainland UK


    Postage is £3.99 on all other products and accessories to Mainland UK


    International postage is £12.95 (Worldwide).


    Orders of this marker won't be dispatched until Mid October due to a delay in packing materials.

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