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Lucky Waving Trottie // Copper Ball Marker



Who doesn’t love a collab?..... this one is with the main man himself Trottie Golf!


The front of each marker features the Lucky Waving Trottie' logo deep engraved. Each ball marker is individually numbered as pictured with the reverse side listing 1 of 9 fortunes - these will be sent out at random so you won't know your fortune until it arrives.


These premium ball markers have been made from high quality copper. They feature hammered edges with the design laser engraved into the metal.


As with all things lucky there can only be so many, once sold out they are gone forever! There are 82 in total, you can purchase the even numbers here and all odd numbers will be available in the US via Trottie's website.


These ball markers are made from high quality copper and measure 32mm x 33mm and are 4mm thick. The finish will appear more dull with age but your fortunes are guaranteed to never leave you on the lawns.


Get vour orders in quickly & we'll ensure they are on route ASAP so they reach you before christmas.

Lucky Waving Trottie // Copper Ball Marker

  • Copper/brass will tarnish/patina over time and after use. Colours will change and appear over time giving the metal even more character. Ball markers can be polished using a cloth and a jewellery cleaner or Brasso.


    We use the highest quality metals to create our products. We do our best to ensure that all materials use are pure and free from scratches or dents but brass and copper are soft metals so this isn't always possible.

  • We offer FREE postage on this item to Mainland UK


    Postage is £3.99 on all other products and accessories to Mainland UK


    International postage is £12.95 (Worldwide).


    Orders are dispatched within 3 working days. Custom orders take 14-28 days to be produced and delivered. Please get in contact if you require an urgent order of for more information.

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