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Signed OMP Golfmates // Scorecard Holder

These scorecard holders feature the golfmates logo on the front and the back has OMP's golfing tips. Each scorecard holder will be singed by Old Man Pat himself.


This first batch which has been hand signed is limited so grab one before it's to late.


They come in a handy size (7”x4.5”) that fit in your back pocket. The inside of each cardholder has elasticated straps to keep your score card secure and have a pencil included. These are ideal to keep your scorecard safe and protected from creases.


These scorecard holders are available in two colours; Black or Tan(Brown). They are made from a light leatherette material. As with any light material they can mark easily when they come in to contact with sharp objects or surfaces. Avoid getting your scorecard holder wet, damp or cold - this can cause the corners of the material to wear quickly.

Signed OMP Golfmates // Scorecard Holder

  • We are offering FREE UK postage on these Score Card Holders


    International postage is £12.95 Worldwide


    Orders are dispatched within 7 days.  Postage times vary depending on your location.

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